Welcome to the Los Angeles ColdFusion User Group!

Come and meet other people who work with (or are just curious about) ColdFusion in the Los Angeles area, and stay for our tech presentations. Meetings are bimonthly, held on the first Wednesday of the month. You can check out our upcoming schedule on our main page on Adobe groups, or follow our social media presence at any of a half-dozen networks.

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Past Presentations

Jan/March 2011: Hal Helms on event-driven programming with jQuery.
February 2011: Terry Ryan on powering mobile apps with ColdFusion.
April 2011: Dave Ferguson on securing web applications.
May 2011: Luis Majano on ColdBox.
June 2011: Mike Brunt and Rex Vincent on load testing.
July 2011: Ezra Parker on JavaScript Performance Optimization.
August 2011: Dave Ferguson on CF9 and BlazeDS.
December 2011: Peter Amiri of Alurium on Running Your Web App in the Cloud.
February 2012: Dave Ferguson on Mobile Development with jQuery and ColdFusion.
April 2012: George McKinney of Zukini Mobile on Mobile Development with PhoneGap.
August 2012: Rex Aglibot on What's New in ColdFusion 10.
September 2012: Mike Brunt on JMeter.
October 2012: Dave Ferguson on WebSockets in ColdFusion 10.
December 2012: 2nd Anniversary & Elishia Dvorak on ColdFusion 10